Although COVID-19 has disrupted education for everyone, college-bound high school seniors have seen pronounced disruption in both the abrupt end to their senior year–an end without milestones or fanfare–and in the uncertainty surrounding how they will begin their college experience in the fall.

New Eduventures research sheds light on the best ways to support high school seniors as they prepare for a new educational chapter.

Sixty-three percent of surveyed students say the COVID-19 crisis has influenced their college choice, but 54 percent also say they are very certain that their choice is right for them.

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High school students say they’re extremely concerned about: the loss of high school events and activities (67 percent), graduating from high school on time (55 percent), maintaining an in-person connection to friends (51 percent), and the duration of social distancing (49 percent).

Students seem especially worried about their families–60 percent are moderately or extremely concerned about their family financial situation changing, while 64 percent are worried about the impact of illness on their family. Fifty-six percent of students are moderately or extremely concerned about COVID-19 delaying their college enrollment.

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