Physical campuses are closed, and students have moved online—here are tips from online educators to help students adjust to live virtual teaching

What does Fall 2020 hold for college students and faculty?

As online learning continues, many institutions are wondering the best course of action for Fall 2020

Fall 2020 is a looming question yet to be fully answered on shuttered campuses across the nation, as the duration of social distancing practices and potential treatments for COVID-19 remain uncertain.

Faculty, students, and parents remain in limbo after colleges and universities shut their physical doors and moved students to all-online learning as the novel coronavirus spread rapidly across the nation.

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Some students and parents have requested reimbursement for housing and dining plans, while others are reconsidering their choice of institution altogether: thirty-four percent of students in a recent poll said they plan to withdraw from their current college or university if the institution only offers a remote learning option.

An April 2020 survey by Tyton Partners shows that 40 percent of parents say their child is unlikely to return to their institution in Fall 2020 if remote learning continues.

Surveyed parents are first concerned about their child’s well-being and mental health (36 percent), followed by their continued engagement in learning and skill acquisition (32 percent) and on-time progression toward a degree (27 percent).

One thing is certain: instructional practices are likely to look drastically different in the fall, whether students return to campus or whether continued social distancing practices or a new wave of the virus keeps students learning remotely.

Laura Ascione

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