Understanding adult learners, like these adult college students, is critical for colleges and universities.

Understanding adult learners is a major campus priority

Understanding adult learners is more important than ever if institutions hope to succeed and thrive

Adults are quickly taking over a larger and larger part of the student population at colleges and universities–and understanding adult learners is key to institutional success.

The idea of the “traditional student,” who graduates high school and enrolls in a university, graduating in four years, is transforming. The majority of today’s learners are adult learners–those juggling school with work or family responsibilities, or those seeking new skills or a complete career change.

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Many institutions are focusing on adult learner programs to help boost their growth and revenue as enrollment projections decline.

But that’s easier said than done–the adult learner market isn’t as straightforward, leading institutions to work hard to better understand adult learners, their mindsets, and their unique needs.

Laura Ascione