Creativity is one of the key skills people will need to thrive as the digital workforce evolves–but alarmingly, most students don’t have it.

Aside from creativity, employers are seeking candidates with complex problem-solving skills, critical thinking, people management, and the ability to coordinate with others.

A new report from Adobe analyzes the skills employers say they need most, and it also takes a hard look at why job applicants don’t promote these skills more on their resumes. Could it be that the soft skills gap leaves many applicants lacking these all-important talents?

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Adobe analyzed 2 million job postings and 2 million resumes, conducting a gap analysis across 18 diverse and in-demand career fields.

That research found that soft skills such as creativity, collaboration, and communication are critical to hiring managers as they evaluate job applicants. But applicants with strong soft skills–also called employability skills–are hard to find, which begs the question: why?

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