A man on a a laptop using wifi demonstrates how wireless trends will impact higher-ed institutions.

These are 2019’s top 10 wireless trends

A new report takes stock of where wireless technology is headed, and which wireless trends will most impact technology leaders

Wireless technology plays a key role in today’s communications, and new forms of it will become central to emerging technologies including robots, drones, self-driving vehicles and new medical devices in wireless trends over the next five years.

In a new report, Gartner, Inc. has identified the top 10 wireless trends for enterprise architecture (EA) and technology innovation leaders.

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“Business and IT leaders need to be aware of these technologies and trends now,” says Nick Jones, distinguished research vice president at Gartner. “Many areas of wireless innovation will involve immature technologies, such as 5G and millimeter wave, and may require skills that organizations currently don’t possess. EA and technology innovation leaders seeking to drive innovation and technology transformation should identify and pilot innovative and emerging wireless technologies to determine their potential and create an adoption roadmap.”

Top 10 wireless trends

1. Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has been around a long time and will remain the primary high-performance networking technology for homes and offices through 2024. Beyond simple communications, Wi-Fi will find new roles–for example, in radar systems or as a component in two-factor authentication systems.

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