Edtech integration and interoperability can cause headaches, but a new free solution can help.

Here’s one way institutions can handle edtech integration

Edtech integration can cause headaches if technology solutions aren't "getting along"--but a new free tool could help alleviate that pain

A new resource from a higher-ed nonprofit is intended to help institutions assess and improve edtech integration across the higher-ed landscape.

The Next-Generation Integration Scorecard (NGIS), a free and openly-licensed tool from DXtera Institute, will give colleges and universities new ways to assess the marketplace of available education technology solutions that serve their needs, benchmarking them based on the ease of integration.

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“As colleges and universities undertake the daunting task of selecting and implementing next-generation technologies, we know that a general lack of functional, real-time interoperation is one of the most consistent pain points they experience,” says Jeff Merriman, DXtera’s co-founder and chief technology officer.

Laura Ascione

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