Students on campus, no matter their age, increasingly expect technology to be seamlessly woven into instruction–making it all the more important that higher-ed leaders work to support and increase faculty tech use.

There are a number of reasons to increase faculty tech use on campus, according to a new Barnes & Noble College report, including lowered costs for students as a result of using digital course materials like OER; digital courseware boosting academic achievement with increased engagement; and preparing students for the future workforce by exposing them to the technologies and tools they’ll encounter after graduation.

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“Digital courseware allows us to provide today’s students with learning tools that fit their lifestyle. This digitally native generation expects resources that parallel their interactions with other areas of their lives, including social communication and commerce,” says Kanuj Malhotra, president of digital student solutions at Barnes & Noble Education. “They are looking for seamlessly integrated, easily accessible solutions. Enhanced classroom technology ensures content is available to students whenever and wherever, increasing the opportunity to drive their engagement in the class and subject matter.”

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