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Massive initiative targets college to career transition

A $2.4M grant will help identify promising pathways to help students move from college to career and the workforce

A business major working full-time who worries about balancing financial needs with pursuing a job change after graduation. A student preparing for a “practical” path to dental school to provide for his low-income family, but whose passion is music. A first-generation college student who isn’t quite convinced she’ll wind up loving her career field.

These students are representative of college students across the nation who are struggling to make their way through higher ed and who don’t necessarily feel prepared for the “real world.” But connecting college to career could help drastically with the transition.

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A major three-year project from the University Innovation Alliance (UIA), funded with a $2.4 million grand from the Strada Education Network, intends to “develop and test new strategies for supporting students as they prepare to work,” writes Dr. Anna Drake Warshaw, UIA’s director of partnerships, learning, and evaluation.

The Bridging the Gap from Education to Employment (BGEE) project uses mapping and design thinking to understand what happens as students transition from college to career, and to learn how we can do better as we try to help them, Warshaw writes.

Laura Ascione

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