22 favorite mobile apps: Appy Hour on the Future Trends Forum

What are the best apps for education? What can their selection tell us about the evolution of technology?

In June of 2018, the Future Trends Forum ran an experiment. We didn’t host a guest, as we usually do. Instead, we hosted an “Appy Hour,” a session where we invited participants to simply share their favorite mobile app for learning. (The idea came up during the June 7th Forum discussion. Kudos to the community for thinking of it!)

The experiment turned out to be… a wild success. People jumped onto video to share app after app. Discussion flowed freely.

This wasn’t done programmatically. I didn’t pick or pre-load ready-to-go speakers. Several days before the event I fired off a mass email, as is customary for each Forum. When I started the session, I introduced the topic then simply opened the floor to volunteers. This was very ad hoc and organic.

Here’s the app list in alphabetical order. I’ve added the person or people who volunteered it as best I could:

Algebra By Hand – an algebra learning and practice app (thanks to Rod Murray) . Rod also did a podcast interview with the app’s creator.

Calm – a tool for helping users meditate (thanks to Patrice and Cari Jiminez).

Chalk (iTunes) – an augmented reality app which lets users draw on the real world within a videoconference. It could be used in many situations (thanks to Renee Franzwa).

Desmos – a free math app that replaces graphing calculators (thanks to Maria Anderson).

Fabulous – helps users build good habits and fix up bad ones (thanks to Rachael Larson).

Feedly– a good RSS reader that helps us manage incoming information (thanks to Maria Anderson). I have blogged about Feedly previously.

Flipgrid – a kind of video-based discussion tool (thanks to Mary Talbut and Rita-Marie Conrad).

Forest – encourages you to not spend so much time on the phone (thanks to Maria Anderson).

Goose Chase – a scavenger-hunt app (thanks to Mary Talbut).

Inoreader – another good RSS reader (Bryan).

iScanner – a very good scanner (thanks to Maria Anderson).

Libby – an e-reader app for reading ebooks, hosted by OverDrive (thanks to Babette Kraft).

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