Gen Z

Gen Z-ers set their sights on tech-rich employment

A survey shows most professionals in Generation Z feel confident about tech skills, but are less sure of their soft skills

Digital natives are entering the workforce, and they’re bringing with them a strong desire to use new technologies and explore IT careers, according to new research.

A Dell survey of 12,000 high school and college students in 17 countries finds that 80 percent of Gen Z hopes to work with innovative technology, and more than one-third are interested in IT careers.

Members of Gen Z (those born after 1996) feel strong about their tech skills, and 77 percent say they’re willing to be tech mentors to older coworkers in the workplace.

Ninety-four percent are worried about future employment, and only slightly more than half (57 percent) rate their education as good or excellent in preparing them for their careers. Fifty-two percent are confident they have the tech skills employers want, but aren’t so sure about their non-tech or soft skills.

Nearly all surveyed Gen Z-ers (98 percent) have used technology in their formal education, and 91 percent say the technology offered by an employer would be a deciding factor when fielding similar job offers.

Of the 80 percent of Gen Z hoping to work with cutting-edge technology, 38 percent are interested in IT careers, 39 percent want to work in cybersecurity, and 46 percent hope to perform technology research and development.

Laura Ascione

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