5 reasons why Mott Community College’s mobile app blows other apps away

This app has all the features and functionality today's higher-ed students need

Like most of the higher-ed world, the leaders at Mott Community College in Michigan knew they’d better have a robust mobile app to recruit and retain tech-savvy students as well as to provide their faculty with information and resources.

That’s why, last year, Mott’s IT team took advantage of a pending wireless network upgrade and developed a mobile app with a load of impressive features. They were adamant about embedding custom applications the college was already using into the app—including the Ellucian student information system (SIS) to provide registration, billing, accounts receivable/payable, and degree auditing; and the Blackboard learning management system (LMS) to provide access to class assignments.

Beyond that, they just wanted to develop something that took advantage of the latest technology and would get a lot of use. Since launching the app, there have been more than 2,500 downloads.

Here are five features that make this app stand out.

1. Students can take care of a lot of tasks from within the app.
Because the app links to the SIS and LMS, students can register for courses, look up their billing and financial aid status, and do the following, all without leaving the app:

  • See their list of courses and get directions to their classrooms
  • Schedule an appointment with student services
  • Get the latest announcements and Mott news
  • Complete important enrollments steps

2. The app offers turn-by-turn navigation for the entire 34-acre main campus.
Imagine never being late or getting lost again!

“One of the biggest issues on campus, especially at the beginning of terms, is that students don’t know how to get to classes. Being new is daunting, and trying to memorize the campus is hard,” says Ross Domke, web application developer.

The app gives turn-by-turn directions—even inside buildings—thanks to Bluetooth Beacons that use Aruba Wi-Fi and Location Services solutions.

“Once a student accesses his or her class list in the app, they can tap the ‘Take Me There’ link for turn-by-turn directions that lead them up or down stairs, around fountains, and to the doorway of the classroom,” says Kirk Yaros, director of enterprise services.