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Say what? Gaming boosts knowledge by 25 percent

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Triseum’s game based learning development practices and rigorous design methods are creating a measurable impact on student outcomes. Newly released results from Triseum’s Fall 2016 research study aimed at measuring the learning efficacy of its ARTé: Mecenas™ game indicate that, after approximately two hours of game play, art history students who participated in the experimental group had a knowledge gain of 24.7 percent from pre-test to post-test. Read more.

College Access and Opportunity

In a new report from the American Talent Initiative (ATI), The University of Texas at Austin is one of five colleges and universities highlighted for its success expanding opportunity and boosting graduation rates for low- and moderate-income students. The report, “Funding Socioeconomic Diversity at High Performing Colleges and Universities,” analyzes strategies that have allowed the five institutions to increase student opportunities despite budgetary constraints. The other four institutions are the University of California at Berkeley, University of Richmond, Vassar College and Franklin & Marshall College. Read more.

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