Expert reveals secret to creating new college programs FAST

The secret to spinning up new college programs fast and with little funding? Concentrate.

In light of the ever-increasingly competitive market of higher ed, many institutions are seeking solutions to increase their relevance and competitiveness in the field. One of these solutions is often new college program development.

On the surface, developing new programs seems a commonsense way to adapt with the changing times. Modern-day technologies are giving way to new specializations such as marketing analytics and business intelligence, and institutions are eager to capitalize on these emerging fields. Yet the lengthy and costly process required to implement an entirely new program poses a major barrier for those seeking a competitive edge. Curriculum development, accreditation, faculty resource expansion, and marketing all put pressure on an institution’s time and finances—pressure that simply cannot be absorbed by many organizations.

A New College Program Creation Model

Yet, what if there was a way to offer instruction in new and emerging disciplines while loosening the restrictions of time and money? Considering this question led to a model focused on market opportunity and resource scale. By invoking this model, we were able to lead an institution to the launch of as many as seven new online programs, undergraduate and graduate, for market promotion with the creation of only six new courses. 

This approach is as simple as it is resourceful: program concentrations.

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