Students want better digital credentials

Innovation in online credentialing can help students better display learning outcomes and the value of their education to employers on social sites.

students-digital-credentialsAccording to a new whitepaper revealed by ed-tech company Parchment at Baltimore’s AACRAO conference on April 13th, a majority of students believe it would be useful to display official credentials on a social site.

However, the report suggests their is a lot of room for innovation on the part of institutions.

The ideas generated in Parchment’s whitepaper, titled “Extending the Credential; Empowering the Learner,” stem from the results of two surveys which polled over 500 recent college graduates and 100 registrars. Parchment says it conducted the survey as part of the company’s work to modernize the credential infrastructure and provide a convenient way for learners to access and share their credentials while improving operational efficiencies and reducing institutional costs.

Credentialing is also a rising issue in higher education. According to Parchment, job-seekers holding a B.A. degree not only have an unemployment rate that is almost half the national average, but millennial graduates also earn about $17,500 more than those who have only graduated from high school.

Yet, higher education institutions are being asked to justify the rising costs of attendance by aligning their curricula with the skills employers are looking for, as well as prepare students for the job market in a way that other non-academic education providers can not.

According to Parchment, this means the opportunities institutions provide beyond the classroom that help build skills like teamwork, leadership, and critical thinking.

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