Can GPS help students graduate on time?

Implementing Guided Pathways to Success (GPS) could be key in helping more students graduate on time and, thus, save money

GPS-students-graduateAccording to a new report called The Four-Year Myth released by Complete College America, a large majority of full-time American college students do not graduate on time, leading to a staggering spike of nearly 70 percent in debt in the next two years.

However, even though only 50 out of more than 580 public four-year institutions in America currently report on-time graduation rates above 50 percent, Complete College America offers a potential solution.

Specifically, they advise a restructuring of higher education that would focus on the implementation of Guided Pathways to Success, or GPS. Essentially, Guided Pathways to Success aims to help students determine the most direct route to graduating.

Starting out, GPS takes individual majors and organizes them by semester to help students map out the specific courses they need to take to allow them to sequentially, and steadily, progress towards graduating on time.

“Student loan debt has for the first time topped one trillion dollars – more than credit card and auto loan debt combined,” said Complete College America President Stan Jones. “Our Alliance of States is committed to shining a light on on-time graduation rates and pursuing reforms that increase college completion and shorten the time to degree. We know that the best strategy to make college more affordable is to ensure many more students graduate and graduate on time.

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