A major shakeup for eTextbooks

A new acquisition marks the second time in a year that the eTextbook industry experiences a major shift


An eLearning content company on March 3 acquired popular digital textbook company CourseSmart, marking the second time in a year that the eTextbook industry has seen a marked shakeup.

The online textbook platform Vital Source acquired CourseSmart seven years after the maker of digital textbooks was launched by education’s five major publishing companies: Macmillan Higher Education, Cengage Learning, Pearson, John Wiley & Sons, and McGraw-Hill Education.

The shift in the eTextbook market follows 2013’s Intel purchase of the educational software company KNO, which had gained traction in higher education technology circles in 2012.

CourseSmart, with users worldwide, provided eTextbook access to the vast majority of core higher education books and a vast catalog of digital content that could be used in the classroom or lecture hall.

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