Early this semester, an email survey sent out by the Technology Support Center caused a panic in some students at the University, The BG News reports.

The survey asked questions regarding the utilization of computer labs on campus. Upon receiving this, many students were led to believe that the amount of computers on campus would soon decrease.

Chief Information Officer John Ellinger addressed these rumors.

“The utilization of the computer labs is decreasing, so we are just trying to make the number [of computers] fit the need,” said Ellinger. “We currently have 1,700 devices on campus, while Ohio State, a school triple our size, has 1,800.”

Ellinger went on to describe the “Bring Your Own Laptop” initiative that will be beginning on campus this year and be implemented throughout the next five years.

Throughout the next few years, students will be encouraged to bring their own laptops, or in the future, tablets, to class and to study. The University is also looking into having laptops available for rental, as well as refurbished laptops and tablets decorated in Bowling Green colors to be purchased at a reduced price.

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