Non-traditional Students Awarded Scholarship to Continue Education

Destiny Solutions proudly announces the winners of the sixth annual Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship Award

Destiny Solutions today announced the winners of the annual Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship Award. Geeti Ahmadzai, 37, and Saundra Vernon, 42, have each been awarded a $2,500 scholarship for demonstrating their perseverance in continuing their education.

Ahmadzai moved to the United States from Afghanistan in 1996. She always wanted to obtain a formal education, but struggled to do so while starting a family. “I really wanted to get an education because it was a dream, and I didn’t have many opportunities when I was younger,” said Ahmadzai.

A strong desire to help people, especially those who lack access to proper medication and vaccinations, led Ahmadzai to enroll in a biology major at Bucks County Community College in Pennsylvania. She expects to graduate in fall 2014 and wishes to further her education upon graduation by attending pharmacy school.

“This Scholarship has given me confidence that this is something I can do,” said Ahmadzai. “It proves to my kids that I can do it. And, if I can do it, being a mother of three in my situation right now, there’s no way for them not to be able to pursue their dreams.”

The second scholarship recipient, Vernon, began her post-secondary journey as a part-time student in 2003 and, enrolled last year as a full-time student.

Vernon is double majoring in psychology and anthropology at Saint Mary’s University in Nova Scotia. “I worked in different careers and that helped shape my decision to go back to school,” said Vernon. “I decided to go back to find my passion as it was the best way to figure out what I wanted.”

Vernon expects to graduate from her program in 2016, and will continue to advance her education in master’s and doctorial studies. Her ultimate goal is to be involved in the judicial system.

“The money received from the Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship allows me to continue on my path,” said Vernon. “I can’t do what I’m doing without this assistance.”

The Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship was founded in 2008 by Destiny Solutions, a Toronto-based education-technology firm that builds software for non-traditional divisions of higher education institutions. The Scholarship is one of few awards given to non-traditional students.

“Destiny Solutions is passionate about supporting non-traditional students who demonstrate a commitment to their learning,” said Shaul Kuper, president and CEO of Destiny Solutions. “It takes a lot of perseverance to attend school as an adult and I am pleased we are able to help Geeti and Saundra as they pursue their degrees.”

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