YouSeeU™ Launches The Breckenridge 2.0 Learning Management Platform Emerging Leader Responds to Growing Demands for Innovative Educational Technology

Loveland, CO; – September 3, 2013 – YouSeeU™, the solution provider for authentic learning with Student Capture™, announces the release of Breckenridge 2.0, the most dynamic of its products to date.

After several years of listening to customers and industry leaders, YouSeeU responded to needs with significant improvements to the learning experience. The release of Breckenridge 2.0 coincides with the start of the fall semester at many colleges and universities to better serve educators and students. Users experience expanded functionality and an intuitive user interface in online, blended, or residential courses. Breckenridge 2.0 enables instructors to deliver video-centric content, but more importantly, students contribute to the learning experience with their videos focused on interaction and assignments. In the process, students can show their instructor and other classmates what they know by demonstrating and applying course concepts. Educators not only assess understanding but provide high levels of feedback and coaching to facilitate improvement.

YouSeeU serves as an extension of the university learning management systems as a certified solution through the IMS Global Learning Consortium program. Users learn in the YouSeeU platform through devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

“We’ve worked towards this day for the past 18 months and are excited it has arrived,” said Dr. Jeff Lewis, Chief Learning Officer for YouSeeU. “We’ve always been excited to hear a customer say ‘what if it could do this?’ and Breckenridge 2.0 reflects feedback and suggestions from thousands of users over the past few years. We’ll continue to add functionality and improvements and are already working towards our next rounds of significant enhancements.”

YouSeeU is currently transforming education in a rapidly growing group of institutions of higher learning domestically and internationally. To learn more, visit

YouSeeU is an emerging leader of educational technology by providing an asynchronous environment centered on student and Instructor-generated video for learning. Our patent pending systems are used to conduct high-engagement activities such as oral communication assessment, spontaneous response Q&A, speeches and presentations, and video discussion. YouSeeU enables deeper connections between participants by adding elements such as oral exams, question and answer sessions, discussions and student demonstrations of key skills, resulting in higher levels of learning.