SAS® Web Editor: easy, no-cost SAS® programming for professors, students

SAS® Web Editor: easy, no-cost SAS® programming for professors, students

Available through SAS OnDemand for Academics, now supports Mac users, soon to go mobile

CARY, NC (Mar. 06, 2013) – SAS® programming has never been easier for higher education professors and students thanks to SAS Web Editor, a Web-based tool for writing and running SAS code. Available at no cost to these educators and their students, SAS Web Editor requires no software installation. Users simply connect to a website to access code, files, projects and libraries, anytime and anywhere.

Available through SAS OnDemand for Academics, SAS Web Editor supports multiple browsers including Safari, letting Mac users take full advantage of the new offering.

SAS Web Editor will be familiar to anyone with SAS programming experience, providing similar functionality to the classic SAS windowing environment. Students can upload their own data sets or program files, or use SAS Web Editor’s sample data sets. The sample data sets correspond to e-learning content that helps students learn SAS. Students pursuing SAS Certification can use SAS Web Editor to run code from SAS Certification courses.

“The demand for graduates who can analyze data to solve problems is skyrocketing,” said Armistead Sapp, Senior Vice President, SAS Education Practice. “Since SAS Web Editor is offered at no cost and is easily accessed, professors can integrate SAS data analysis into coursework and students can gain marketable skills.”

Ease of access will soon increase even further with SAS Web Editor for mobile devices. Now in beta testing, SAS Web Editor is available on iPads® that support iOS 6 or greater. Support for other tablets will follow.

SAS OnDemand for Academics is an online service for teaching and learning data management and analytics. Users register and access SAS software via the Web and perform processing by connecting to a hosted server at SAS. Users have access to multiple SAS applications such as SAS® Enterprise Guide® and SAS® Enterprise Miner™. SAS Web Editor provides access to a Base SAS programming environment, which professors can complement with the other on-demand applications.

The use of SAS OnDemand of Academics increased more than 200 percent last year. To accommodate further growth, SAS OnDemand for Academics is exploring the use of various cloud providers in regions around the world to enhance the international user experience.

SAS analytics and business intelligence software is used at more than 3,000 educational institutions worldwide for teaching, research and administration. SAS has more than three decades of experience working with educational institutions.

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