MOOCs and tablet computing are the top two technologies highlighted in the 2013 NMC Horizon Report.

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) and tablet computing are two technologies expected to see mainstream use in the next year or less, according to the 2013 New Media Consortium (NMC) Horizon Report.

The NMC Horizon Report is an annual report jointly released by NMC and EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI), and is based on findings from the NMC Horizon Project, which identifies emerging technologies that are likely to have a substantial impact on education.

“One of the most appealing promises of MOOCs is that they offer the possibility for continued, advanced learning at zero cost, allowing students, life-long learners, and professionals to acquire new skills and improve their knowledge and employability,” the report says.

The report highlights that though MOOCs are enjoying “one of the fastest uptakes ever seen in higher education,” many administrators admit skepticism concerning their quality and sustainability.

Similarly, tablet computing has taken higher ed by storm, as multiple major manufacturers are producing tablets, and many colleges are beginning to incorporate them into degree programs.

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