Unicon Contributes Password Manager to Jasig Central Authentication Service (CAS) Community

New Feature to Enhance Password Protection

Gilbert, AZ – January 22, 2013— Unicon, Inc., a leading IT consulting services provider specializing in open source for the education market, has contributed Password Manager to the Jasig Central Authentication Service (CAS) community. Unicon contributed Password Manager on behalf of its client Onondaga Community College. Password Manager provides basic password management tasks to users with minimal disruption to their browsing process. It allows institutions and organizations to provide self-service password management, eliminating many help desk calls to conserve time, resources, and expense. Password Manager is an extension of CAS, and not part of the core project. CAS is Web single sign-on technology. Centralizing the institutional log-in experience, CAS protects against credential proliferation and password exposure.

Password Manager includes many valuable features that enhance password protection. It is one of many extensions for CAS, all of which help strengthen IAM strategy for institutions and organizations. It is now available for download at: https://github.com/Unicon/cas-password-manager. ¬

Features include:
• Expired password reset
• Forgotten password reset using security questions based on prepopulated or custom security questions
• Forced configuration of user custom security question if one is not set (Configurable)
• Support for Active Directory and OpenLDAP (OpenLDAP is currently experimental)
• Configurable password security level enforcement (E.g. 8 characters, upper/lowercase, etc.)
• Password change lockout with too many incorrect security question attempts
• ReCAPTCHA integration to aid against scripted attacks

The original Password Manager work was performed for Onondaga Community College. Compatibility between Password Manager and the latest version of CAS was made possible through Unicon’s Cooperative Support Program for CAS. The program provides commercial support along with development options.

About CAS
The Jasig Central Authentication Service software implements secure user authentication and single sign-on for Web applications and is widely adopted in higher education. Single sign-on allows a user to provide their credentials only once to access multiple applications, improving user convenience and limiting the exposure of the end user’s password. The CAS server software and many client libraries, including those described in this press release, are free and open source software available from Jasig. More information about CAS is available at: http://www.jasig.org/cas.

About Unicon’s Cooperative Support Program
Cooperative Support for CAS is a commercial support program featuring direct access to qualified technical staff, under four SLAs ranging from “Developer” (for those just getting started with CAS) to “Dedicated” (for those seeking unlimited 24×7 support). Participation in the program requires an annual subscription fee that enables institutions to access the support services and also funds a dedicated support and development team. All development work performed by the team will be done in direct participation with the open source communities. Cooperative Support is available for CAS, Grouper, Sakai, Shibboleth, the Student Success Plan, uMobile, and uPortal, with discounts available to subscribers needing support for multiple open source software products. To learn more about Unicon’s Cooperative Support Program, visit http://www.unicon.net/support/cooperative.

About Unicon
Unicon, Inc. is a leading provider of IT consulting services for the education market. Unicon works closely with colleges, universities, and corporations to find the best solutions to meet their business challenges. Unicon specializes in using open source technologies to deliver flexible and cost-effective systems in the areas of enterprise portals, learning management systems, identity and access management, online video, calendaring, email, and collaboration. Unicon is a Sakai Commercial Affiliate; an InCommon Affiliate and Participant; an Industry Member of Internet2; a Jasig and VMware Partner; an authorized Solution Provider for CAS, uPortal, and VMware; and a services partner and reseller of Kaltura, Liferay, and Zimbra. For more information, visit: www.unicon.net.
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