The iPod Shuffle: Would you miss it?

It’s cute, it’s tiny, and it’s the cheapest iPod you can buy, Yahoo News reports. But if Apple were to squeeze the $59 iPod Shuffle out of its iPod lineup in favor of, say, a new (and smaller) iPod Nano, as one Wall Street analyst is suggesting … would you miss it? Apple’s annual (though not yet announced) music event is probably just a month away, and naturally we’re expecting a series of revisions to Apple’s iconic (if commercially stagnant, compared with skyrocketing iPhone and iPad sales) iPod line. Among the predicted unveilings: a revamped iPod Touch, plus various tweaks to the Nano, Shuffle and Classic players. There’s also a fair amount of buzz surrounding a leaked squarish touch display that’s just 1.7 inches across the diagonal (and you thought 3.5-inch touchscreens were small!), possibly signaling the arrival of a new little brother for the Touch…

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