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5 ways the Common Core isn’t college-ready

common-core-collegeCommon Core State Standards, which have been adopted by 43 states and the District of Columbia, are supposed to be the ultimate indicator for a student’s college readiness.…

Successful online strategies

Successful online strategies

We’re highlighting “Catering to the 21st Century student” week here on eCampus News as part of our monthly topic week series throughout the year. Step three of catering to…


State’s new funding model coming in December

A new higher education funding formula the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) is charged with creating must factors in graduation rates and retention.…


An educator’s favorite MOOCs

MOOCs are open access online courses that allow limitless participation. Anyone who has an internet connection and a will to learn is welcome. The courses offered through MOOCS…

Make the classroom collaborative

Make the classroom collaborative

We’re highlighting “Catering to the 21st Century student” week here on eCampus News as part of our monthly topic week series throughout the year. Step two of catering to…


11 net neutrality principles from higher ed you may have missed

The threat to net neutrality is real, and no, it’s not just about how slow your Netflix movie could stream on a Sunday night. Net neutrality has generated…


Stanford gives ex-cons boost in starting businesses

Project ReMADE, a 12-week program created by Stanford law students, aims to turn ex-convicts into entrepreneurs. The program matches former prisoners with Silicon Valley venture capitalists and business…


The next big tech: Bringing 3D printing to the classroom

The rise in popularity for 3D printing in recent years could easily be considered the next Industrial Revolution.In fact, the theme of the Inside 3D Printing Conference this…


Are ‘middle skills’ the new four-year degree?

In what was designed to target low-income students with limited job and education prospects back in the late 1980s, a skills pipeline program is gaining momentum as more…


Put me in, coach: Coaching the digital educator (part 2)

Welcome back. In Part 1 of this series, we discovered the downside to technological integration: that some educators remain uncertain about the best approaches, practices, and implementations for…

Educator Resource Centers

MOOCs: the future of higher education, or a passing phase?

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have quickly become one of the most polarizing developments in higher education. Many in higher ed see these MOOCs as innovations that could…

Innovation Corner

3 cheap ways to amp up campus A/V

Splurging on top-flight audio-video (A/V) equipment has never been an easy sell in higher education, but now more than ever, campus A/V officials are striving to justify needed…

An exclusive app you can’t afford to miss

An exclusive app you can’t afford to miss

The campus emergency app designed to simplify and improve students' crisis response is officially no longer higher education's best kept secret.In Case of Crisis, which eCampus News highlighted…


The technology that prevents ‘hotbeds of fraud’ in higher ed

Fraud in test taking and student loans can threaten the very existence of online colleges and universities -- a fact that hasn't been lost on chief information officers…


Game-changing technology reveals student job prospects

Everything can be quantified, measured, and analyzed, and a college student's job prospects are no different.Around 8.5 percent of recent college graduates are unemployed. Perhaps more troubling, 16.8…

The danger of passwords and PINs in online education

Authentication of web-based exams is a foundational piece of online education's legitimacy, as many in ed-tech would tell you, and passwords and personal identification numbers are falling short.One…

Personalizing 1.2 million communications with students? No sweat

Almost any institution can send an eMail blast that reaches tens of thousands of perspective college students. It's the schools that can put the pivotal personal touch on…