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Leading universities partner for accessibility in video ed tech

a video technology platform whose system is deployed in hundreds of global educational institutions, announced the launch of a client advisory group to move the education industry forward…

20 essential apps for online learners Resource

20 essential apps for online learners

Technology and its potential to simplify life for its users can be a beautiful thing, which can be seen in the example of providing online learning for students.…

Was 2014 a better year for STEM job placement? News

Was 2014 a better year for STEM job placement?

It’s not a new revelation that STEM industry jobs need skilled graduates; but again, it’s not a new issue. And according to recent data from 2014, it seems…


University to use Google Glass for academic feedback

Wisconsin School of Business Finance Professor Michael Gofman is among the first university professors in the world to use Google Glass for academic feedback for students.…

Digital Issue Article

6 reasons campus networks must change

“Legacy,” in these exchanges, is shorthand for a technological solution that isn’t only outdated, but also inefficient, ineffective, and costly to maintain. Campus IT plans, in fact, often…


CNBC’s finance expert weighs in on the future of higher education

The future of higher education and what it may look like in just 10 years from now is a discussion on many tables, with everyone from concerned parents…

Wikipedia grows up on college campuses News

Wikipedia grows up on college campuses

A trusted bromide in academia is that you become a better student when you become a teacher. Something like that is happening at Wikipedia. The internet encyclopedia has…

New movement in learning analytics could change education How-to

New movement in learning analytics could change education

In a truly comprehensive report, with advice and suggestions from over 800 teachers and administrators, a Stanford-led national workgroup calls for a new movement in learning analytics—redefining the…

5 ways to improve community college completion rates

Ensuring that students complete an associate’s degree on time is one of the biggest challenges facing educators, students, and administrators, based on findings in a new report issued…

Predictors of online success revealed in community colleges Resource

Predictors of online success revealed in community colleges

A majority of research on the predictors of student success in online learning focus on traditional four-year institutions; a fact the community college community finds troubling, since most…

Educator Resource Centers

MOOCs: the future of higher education, or a passing phase?

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have quickly become one of the most polarizing developments in higher education. Many in higher ed see these MOOCs as innovations that could…

Innovation Corner

New cloud SRS technology has big classroom potential—here’s why

Clickers, once the popular ‘it’ classroom tech tool, has come under scrutiny from cash-strapped students required to pay for these sporadically used devices. Now, say students and faculty,…


10 ways ed-tech tools promote academic honesty

Here are 10 strategies and resources for educators to prevent student plagiarism and advance academic honesty. With answers literally at their fingertips, instructors utilizing education technology tools are challenged…


New higher-ed app boosts collaboration in real-time

If you're searching for new and innovative ways to present complex material to students, you might want to take a closer look at Lucidchart.…


Here’s how you do tablet integration

Dozens of Fresno State classes have introduced a new interactive tablet curriculum that began Aug. 21 when fall semester classes began. The first 1,200 students have enrolled in…


Top universities’ new platform helps with retention, post-grad careers

It’s called an LRM (Learning Resource Management) platform, and, as its founder told me, LRM does for learning what CRM did for sales: It boosts collaborative relationships, yields…

College admission gets a Big Data magic 8 ball

It's like a number-driven magic 8 ball. Massive amounts of data is being used for myriad purposes on college campuses -- with some Big Data companies giving away their…