INFOGRAPHIC: How an online student chooses your college

New roadmap uses current data to visualize how today’s online student chooses college, program

online-student-collegeIt’s not a new fact that the amount of students who either take a blended learning course or enroll in a fully online program are increasing at a rapid rate. But what are the criteria students use to choose an online college or program? And what marketing tactics resonate the best?

Thanks to increasing interest from colleges and universities eager to get a share of the online student pie, numerous reports are cropping up this year on the needs and interests of online students. (Read: “5 types of online learners could make or break your institution.”)

Now, a new large-scale study, “Online College Students 2014: Comprehensive Data on Demands and Preferences,” released by Learning House and Aslanian Market Research, has been translated into a stunning infographic on the findings from the survey’s 1,500 former, current and future online students.…Read More

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