This 1 resource gives colleges a huge advantage

Resourceful universities are using an HR tool in an innovative way that’s giving them a leg-up in the student recruitment race

HR-PI-students When times get tough, and your wallet is looking a little less plump than usual, that’s when you realize your coffee table makes a great ironing board and your dishwasher makes a nice vegetable steamer. In other words, nothing sparks innovation like having to do more with less.

And as colleges and universities across the country continue to feel the burden of tightening budgets while feeling the pressure to attract and retain great staff, and also ensuring students are successful post-graduation, there’s a relatively old human resources (HR) tool that’s getting more bang for its buck and helping resourceful institutions keep ahead of the game.

It’s called the Predictive Index (PI) and it measures motivating needs and workforce behaviors…it’s also been around since 1955 in one form or another. Designed to help employers comply with their obligations under the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, it can be used for both selection and career development opportunities.…Read More