The top 10 higher-ed tech stories of 2010: No. 9

High-profile eMail mistakes caused much embarrassment in higher education this year.

A number of high-profile incidents in 2010 served as a harsh reminder of how easy it can be for students to send messages or videos that are embarrassing to their peers or faculty members spinning around the web for everyone to see.

The prospect of an eMail bouncing to every corner of the internet had college professors measuring their words more carefully in their electronic communication to students after a New York University (NYU) professor’s acerbic eMail to a student went “viral” in February and drew worldwide attention.

And in October, video of a Cornell professor’s search for a student who yawned in class went viral on YouTube—reinforcing the idea that anything said in a lecture hall these days can be held against you in the court of public opinion.…Read More