Fake college presidents invade Twitter

I wrote an article earlier this month about college students and recent alumni who have created Twitter accounts parodying their university presidents, says Jenna Johnson, columnist for the Washington Post. For the most part, these fake accounts are used to transform suit-and-tie-wearing leaders into foul-mouthed partiers — but they also satirically comment on problems within the university. Fake accounts have long been a part of Twitter’s insider culture, but the online sport really took off after several accounts went viral. During the BP oil spill off the Gulf Coast in 2010, @BPGlobalPR did public relations for the company by tweeting things like, ”The good news: Mermaids are real. The bad news: They are now extinct. #bpcares.” And last year many political junkies in Washington were obsessed with @MayorEmanuel, an account parodying former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel…

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