Purdue and Verizon partner to bring 4G to campus

Purdue hopes to explore new ways to use 4G in the classroom

Purdue University will join the 38 major metropolitan areas and more than 60 commercial airports that Verizon plans to cover in the first large-scale 4G Long Term Evolution Network, which should result in many new opportunities to use smart phones and other mobile devices as learning tools, observers say.

“The reason that we chose Purdue University is because they are already using wireless technology in very innovative ways,” said Verizon representative Michelle Gilbert. “We thought they would be a great partner to really embrace this kind of technology and help move it forward,” Gilbert said.

“Generally in these kinds of technologies where the vendor is looking at subscribers per cubit, we’re about a third tier or fourth tier market,” said Scott Ksander, Purdue’s executive director of networks and security. “Other than the Indianapolis Airport we’re the only other spot in Indiana [that will be covered.] That’s a pretty big acknowledgment by Verizon that we might have something to offer and we’re really excited about that,” said Ksander.…Read More