Four universities are using data analytics to improve graduation rates as shown by this graduation cap on a percent sign..

How 4 universities use analytics to improve graduation rates

Data and analytics are immensely helpful as institutions strive to improve graduation rates and help students move that tassel

Graduation. It’s that exciting time of year. All the pictures on social media and from friends – all celebrating the students’ success. It’s also a time for many universities to celebrate the strides they’ve made to improve graduation rates.

Administrators around the country are using the information gleaned from data to determine things such as, “What is the likelihood of a student dropping out?”, “What can I do to help retain students?”, “Do we have the courses, instructors and facilities in place to ensure students graduate in a timely manner?” and so much more. There are teams of analysts that work at institutions to delve into the data and investigate patterns and analyze trends to try and improve graduation rates and other areas.

Analytics can help improve graduation rates

Here are four universities using analytics to improve student success and ultimately working to improve graduation rates and help student success.

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