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Coding bootcamps find homes at accredited universities

IT skill-building bootcamp models are pairing up with accredited universities.

coding-bootcamp-learningComing on the heels of President Obama’s TechHire initiative to close the IT jobs gap (more than 500,000 tech jobs go unfilled in the U.S., says the White House), a prominent cloud-tech provider will begin to offer partnerships between universities and coding bootcamps to better help students gain IT skills branded by influential universities.

The cloud-based tech solution provider, Learning House, today announced its intent to acquire the Software Craftsmanship Guild–one of the nation’s top coding bootcamp providers for training the next generation of software developers, says the company. The companies decided to join forces based on their success offering a bootcamp model that allows students to gain IT skills with an accredited university.

The two companies previously collaborated in establishing a bootcamp at Concordia University, St. Paul in St. Paul, Minnesota. This model allows students to earn credit towards their bachelor’s degree, as well as take advantage of “all of the learning assets of a higher education institution including financial aid, providing a broader educational experience and opening up access to a previously untapped segment of students,” said the company in a statement.

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