5 important higher-ed conversations on Twitter

See what higher-ed professionals are saying on Twitter about some of the most pressing ed-tech issues

twitter-higher-edHow will colleges and universities find a more sustainable business model in higher ed?

Whether discussing the latest trends in online learning, cybersecurity, or tuition costs, there are plenty of ed-tech conversations to follow on Twitter.

So once you have followed @eCampusNews, check out some of these essential ed-tech influencers to stay up-to-date with the latest ed-tech news:

1.  New university business models

In the September/October issue of the American Interest, Stuart Butler, Ph.D., a public policy expert who directs the Center for Policy Innovation at the conservative Heritage Foundation, offers a bleak outlook for the future of the traditional four-year university experience.

Butler argues that attempting to scale back costs by firing university employees will not sustain the long-term higher-ed business model.

According to Butler, universities must adjust their business model just as online media have adapted to the stark decline in newspaper ad revenues over the last decade. Remaining relevant in this increasingly changing landscape might result in a greater emphasis in online and distance learning and a de-emphasis in an “on-campus” university experience.

Taking to Twitter, Michelle Weise, senior research fellow in Higher Education at the Clayton Christensen Institute, comments that minor higher-ed revisions ultimately will result in failure.

See what other higher ed educators and leaders have to say about this on Twitter here.

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