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Web App Helps College Students Enhance Academic Performance

Brain Shift Radio Combats Illicit ADHD Prescription Drug Abuse and Improves Students’ Ability to Focus and Study

SANTA FE, NM, November 12, 2012 — ADHD prescription drug abuse among college students is a known concern among campus officials. The percentages vary, yet studies show that illicit ADHD drug abuse rates may be as high as 34% of a campus student body. Students use these ‘smart’ drugs to improve their concentration, help them cram for exams, and enhance their overall academic performance. The Strong Institute, a leader of auditory brain stimulation programs for individuals with neurobiological disorders, has a solution: Brain Shift Radio offers students the ability to improve their focus without the use of drugs.

The core technique used in Brain Shift Radio was developed from the Strong Institute’s 30-plus years of research exploring how auditory brain stimulation can enhance cognitive function. Called Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI), their technique has been proven to be nearly twice as effective as 20mg of Ritalin for focusing. Other studies show improvements in anxiety, sleep, and cognition, among other areas. For nearly two decades, REI has been successfully used for longterm improvement in stress reduction and increased focus.

“Simply put, you can take control of your brain without the use of drugs,” said Jeff Strong, cofounder of Brain Shift Radio.

The press has already picked up on the drug-free attributes of BSR. recently wrote, “Introducing Brain Shift Radio, an online library of brain-stimulating audio designed to alter your mental state however you see fit, on call now for anytime you need a substance-free head change… In short: you’re distracted. So you’ll head here, select “I’d like to focus” from their preset playlists, along with your desired intensity level: “laser-like.” Twenty minutes of rapid-fire drums and medieval alpha strings later, and you’ve just cleared your to-do list.”

Classified as a schedule II stimulant, ADHD prescription drugs such as Adderall are illegally used on college campuses without serious regard to their potential adverse effects or illegal use, shows a study by Alan DeSantis, et. al., of the University of Kentucky. The study also explored how students do not acknowledge that the use and abuse of these stimulants can cause adverse side effects as well as addiction, habituation, and for those with undiagnosed heart conditions, death. Instead, students speak unabashedly about their academic success when using the drugs and accept them as an inherent part of campus culture.

So could a brain-boosting radio take the place of campus illicit drug use? “Brain Shift Radio is an innovation that could very well disrupt the status quo of campus illicit drug use.” says Jeff Strong. “It is proven to improve focus. And it is non-addictive, has no side effects, and does not induce habituation.” Additionally, contrary to the scenario of the non-ADHD student abusing ADHD medication to enhance academic performance, Brain Shift Radio’s technology can enhance the performance of any listener.

The Strong Institute is known primarily for its work with individuals on the autism spectrum. REI also has a major impact in other areas including ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and Sleep Disorders. Brain Shift Radio is the newest form of REI and is a disruptive innovation in radio and in auditory therapies.

And for students, what could be easier and more elegant than a streaming therapeutic radio to reap benefits of improved focus, reduction of anxiety, or a swifter drifting off to sleep? Pulled directly from the Strong Institute’s research and databases,’s rhythm and ambient tracks are presented in a playful, yet prescriptive environment. One could say that with Brain Shift Radio, they have put the entertainment back into entrainment. recently wrote, “Certainly, the site’s interface and presentation are impeccable. Ambient and rhythmic tracks can be remixed and swapped to the listener’s pleasure; the community is active in building mixes; and the music streams at a high-quality, through an elegantly simple player.”

Illicit ADHD drug abuse has been on college campuses for many years. The episodic benefits students have found through these drugs seem to out weigh concerns students have for their misuse of the drugs. Though socially accepted on campus, the use of illicit drugs to enhance academic performance has placed an elephant in the dorm room. Brain Shift Radio may be a simple solution to help students intensify their focus and successfully complete work under pressure, improving their academic performance. It is one small step in a positive, cognitive-enhancing direction. No prescription or elephant needed.

Brain Shift Radio supports students’ search for cognitive enhancement by offering a free trial and rock bottom student subscription rates. Please visit for more information.

The Strong Institute, founded in 1994, is a pioneer in the field of custom auditory brain stimulation. Known primarily for their work with individuals on the autism spectrum, the institute also has a major impact in ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and Sleep Disorders, among others. The Strong Institute’s mission is to utilize technology and data to research, develop, and deliver the best possible auditory brain stimulation programs for individuals with neurological disorders. And for those without. Brain Shift Radio is a current manifestation of this mission.


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