With inclusive hiring, you avoid discriminatory practices and also value and celebrate diversity

Diverse organizations begin with inclusive hiring

With inclusive hiring, you avoid discriminatory practices and also value and celebrate diversity

Diversity has become a buzzword. The ubiquity of discussion around the importance of inclusion runs the risk of undercutting its importance. If we all assume that we support diversity, we may not be doing the hard work of evaluating our preconceptions, making space for other perspectives, and advocating for others. Diversity is a long-term commitment; it requires ongoing work.

Within an institution, diversity can begin with hiring. Your human resources department makes choices that shape the composition and culture of your organization. Far too often, institutions approach hiring on a case-by-case basis without considering their overall objectives. It’s vital that your organization approach hiring decisions strategically. The character and culture of your organization are too important to be dictated by the urgency of the moment. Your hiring practices should be in line with your institutional values and strategic objectives. Diversity must be central to that list.

Through the courageous contributions of many, we’ve come to recognize the work we still need to do to make sure that our country is a harbor of “liberty and justice for all.” Creating colleges where everyone has the opportunity to thrive is right and just. While each of us knows this, it can seem daunting to know how to work for equity in our sphere. Hiring is one pivotal area that makes a lasting impact.

If the ethical argument isn’t enough to sway everyone, it should be noted that there are financial benefits to having a diverse workforce. Companies with gender-diversity have been shown to be more profitable. Research indicates that diverse companies are more adept at capturing new markets—by a whopping 70 percent. Diversity has also been linked to increased employee productivity.

These statistics shouldn’t be surprising. We all have blindspots. When employees come from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, they can anticipate problems and see multiple solutions. This not only has a positive effect on your bottom line, but fosters a rich workplace culture.

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