This graduation cap on top of a job application illustrates the path of recent graduate pursuing career goals.

These cities can help recent grads meet their career goals

When it comes to career prospects, cities with growing job opportunities and higher--or at least livable--wages top the list

A return on investment is increasingly important for students as they evaluate their higher-ed options. A new report from WalletHub details 2020’s best cities to find a job–cities where recent graduates can lay the groundwork to meet their career goals.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ jobs report notes that the most recent unemployment rate of 3.6 percent is only a bit higher than September 2019’s rate of 3.5 percent–a 50-year low, notes WalletHub’s Adam McCann.

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This low unemployment rate means many recent college grads may have more employment possibilities available to them–and they may also have freedom to pick and choose the career and location that best aligns with their long-term employment goals.

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