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Kira University launches to support admissions teams

New education portal provides in-depth courses to help admissions teams market their programs, boost applicant volume, and improve their review process

Kira Talent, creator of Kira Academic, a video admissions platform for higher education, has launched a new online education portal. Kira University is designed for college and university admissions teams and will host a variety of online courses to improve the admissions process from recruitment through enrollment.

Each free course includes weekly lessons delivered directly to participants via email, featuring insight from experts and industry leaders on how to identify top applicants, boost applicant volume, and improve applicant yield using techniques mastered by top schools in the U.S. and abroad.

“The Kira team has spent years collaborating with schools around the world to implement the Kira platform into their admissions processes. In doing so, we’ve observed what works and what doesn’t and are excited to share those insights with admissions professionals who enroll in the program,” said Craig Morantz, CEO at Kira. “This program flips the switch, putting admissions teams back in the classroom. With an abundance of applicants already enrolled in our first course, it’s evident that there is a desire to improve the outdated, traditional admissions process.”

Kira University’s pilot course, The Master of Business School Admissions, has commenced for business school admissions teams. The new course includes four lessons: Think like a Marketer, Redesign the Admissions Process, Assess Students Better, and Cultivate the Best Cohort. Master of Business School Admissions students will learn from experts at LinkedIn, Hootsuite, University of Michigan, and Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, just to name a few.

“Kira University is not just a valuable asset to admissions teams, the program will also benefit students,” adds Morantz. “By seeking better ways to assess and evaluate applicants, schools are taking steps to ensure a more transparent and holistic approach to admissions. This will help schools select the students that are the best fit for their unique programs and vice versa.”

For more information about Kira University and its upcoming courses, visit

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