Students create viral videos on the benefits of a college campus

campus-students-videosWith the advent of educational technology, a number of benefits have been touted for online learning and its independence from a physical campus. However, according to some college students, there are a number of benefits to being on campus that are still relevant for today’s savvy students.

Herman Miller Education, a furniture and interior design company, recently asked students from campuses across the U.S. ‘Why does your campus matter?’ Outside of the obvious business and marketing perks to hosting this competition, students created thoughtful videos on the topic, voicing their opinions on the relevance of a physical campus that, perhaps, general media and proponents of online education are quick to dismiss.

For example, first place winner Kevin Czarnik, a Kendall College of Art and Design student, described in his video, “A Space for Creativity,” that “campus informs and shapes my creative and academic endeavors.”

In his video, he visually describes how his campus environment encourages creativity, facilitates communication and collaboration, and provides the tools and inspiration necessary to do moving work.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s print or painting, sculpture or industrial design, but at the end, it communicates who we are, who we want to be, and what we are capable of,” he explains.

Outside of physical spaces inspiring artistic sensibilities, what are some other ways a physical campus helps students become better learners? These videos provide some answers:

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1st place winner: Kevin Czarnik, Kendall College of Art and Design

Title: “A Space for Creativity”

“We work alone but we also work with others, making a difference that only we can make  when given the right spaces to do everything we need to communicate and create,” explains Czarnik.

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2nd place winner: Dylan Jordee, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Title: “Spatial Details”

Campus “details engage me,” says Jordee, “and stimulate my imagination in a way that the digital world cannot. The physical beauty of campus enhances my personal and intellectual experiences, and interacting with the building and environment is as integral to my education as the people and knowledge of my university.

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3rd place winner: Eric Dekker, North Carolina State University

Title: “The Case for Campuses”

“Take a look at any busy university library or creative studio in the midst of a dynamic discussion when groups of passionate people get together: there’s a tangible spark that will never find its way through a computer screen. That is what a university sets out to accomplish—it connects people who love to share and explore,” emphasizes Dekker. “And what creates those connections? You can probably guess by now it’s not the Wi-Fi strength.”

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