Students flee California’s budget mess for out of state choices

California’s public universities are ranked among the best colleges nationally and globally, but more Californians are ditching the Golden State for education from elsewhere, the Huffington Post reports. Some $2.5 billion in state budget cuts has led to steep tuition hikes, enrollment freezes and a shortage in class availability at California’s public colleges. Some state universities turned to seek more out-of-state students who pay higher fees and tuition to fill budget holes — a practice that angers students who feel they deserve the first crack at their public schools. As in-state tuition and fees exceed an average of $13,200 and a cost of attendance between $19,500 to $33,000, it makes a $25,445 non-resident tuition bill at The Ohio State University look like the better buy. The prospect of more cuts to California state universities doesn’t help…

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