Study abroad? Why American students head north

Carson Ross had a financial dilemma on her hands. When the New Yorker weighed her college options back in 2009, she could have picked destinations like Tufts in Boston or Washington University in St. Louis, and racked up what she estimated would be over $40,000 a year in tuition and fees, Reuters reports. Or she could take a more dramatic step, and head north to Canada for her education. And that’s exactly what she did.
“It’s less than half of what I’d be paying at most top American schools,” says Ross, now 21, who picked Montreal’s McGill University and is majoring in international development studies. “It’s definitely a load off my mind, that I’m not going to be bankrupting my parents or owing my soul to the banks for the rest of my life.”
More students these days are thinking like Ross. Almost 10,000 American students are heading to Canada for higher education every year for the past five years, according to the Canadian Embassy in Washington, up from just 2,300 15 years ago…

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