The best strategies for the best network defense

Higher-ed IT leaders are tasked with constant cybersecurity monitoring--learn how to best protect your campus network

Higher-ed IT leaders are constantly faced with challenges surrounding the best ways to protect campus networks. Then came COVID.

With an abrupt shift to online learning came increased network security threats from remote and potentially unsecure logins to campus networks. And even though institutions have resumed in-person learning, online and hybrid learning options are here to stay.

A recent survey by the cybersecurity firm, Sophos, reported that nearly half of all education institutions globally were targeted by ransomware in 2020, with 58 percent of higher-ed IT leaders saying that cybercriminals succeeded in accessing their data.

What does this mean for higher-ed IT leaders? Even more vigilance and more efforts to keep campus networks secure.

Don’t miss this compelling discussion with fellow IT executives and cybersecurity experts as they break down the latest and greatest techniques and protocols available for institutions of higher learning to protect their networks. Watch the webinar today.

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