Esports on campus can be quite successful for institutions and students.

Esports on campus: A new era of competition and study

How one of the fastest growing spectator sports--esports on campus--is creating copious opportunities in academics, sports, and the entire field of STEM

Esports on campus was not something many of us from the Pong and Pac Man generations saw coming. Much has changed in the last twenty years, yet the idea of organized, competitive video gaming is still a tough concept to grasp.

That said, if we look a little closer at the groundbreaking technologies and innovative career paths that have evolved to support the now $200 billion gaming industry, it becomes clear that esports on campus isn’t only a logical adoption for students, schools, and technology brands, but an incredibly exciting opportunity in this new era of technology-rich sports and education.

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Just look at the numbers. To say that esports is gaining momentum would be an understatement. National esports is expected to reach 84 million U.S. viewers by 2021 with a value of $1.7 billion, passing every professional U.S. sport in viewership other than the NFL. Competitors are also collecting sizable winnings, even at the student level. For example, players for the University of Texas, Dallas (UTD) won the Southern Regional Conference last year, with each player taking home $8,000.

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