Students sit on a bench with laptops as they participate in their online learning programs.

5 key strategies to support online learning programs

Here's what online practitioners think are the top priorities for online learning programs

With online learning programs in demand and growing fast, higher-ed leaders have to ensure that their programs meet student needs and set students up for success.

A new report offers takeaways and best practices around four major topics impacting online learning programs: data analytics, curriculum, standards and measurement, and mentoring and coaching.

The report comes from the Online Student Success Symposium, a two-day gathering of online practitioners to discuss challenges, innovative practices, and areas for future research. Recommendations and key takeaways are a product of the participants’ discussions and experiences.

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Participants agreed on five major takeaways that can benefit online learning programs and student success:

1. Understand current and future student populations.

To best serve the online learner population now and in the future, it is critical to gain a thorough understanding of these educational consumers, including their potential risk factors, curricular interests, educational and career goals, and interventions that will support their success.

Laura Ascione