EDUCAUSE: The top 10 IT issues in 2017

New IT issues include strategic leadership, affordability, and next-gen enterprise IT.

It’s that time again when almost every attendee part of the annual EDUCAUSE conference crams next to each other in a convention ballroom to hear about what their higher ed peers have to say about the IT issues and challenges they expect to face next year.

“EDUCAUSE’s annual IT issues report is published in January, but this session provides a great preview of what’s to come,” said Michele Norin, senior vice president and chief information officer at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Attendees were granted an exclusive preview of ‘2017’s Top 10 IT Issues,’ and panel members discussed the issues and their importance. [Editor’s note: See the 2016 issues here.]

According to Susan Grajek, vice president of data, research, and analytics for EDUCAUSE, there were three new issues mentioned by higher ed panelists this year: strategic leadership, higher education affordability, and next-generation enterprise IT.

The Top 10 IT issues for 2017

1. Information security: Developing a holistic, agile approach to reducing institutional exposure to information security threats.

2. Student success and completion: Effectively applying data and predictive analytics to improve student success and completion.

3. Data-informed decision-making: Ensuring that business intelligence, reporting, and analytics are relevant, convenient, and used by administrators, faculty, and students.

4. Strategic leadership: Repositioning or reinforcing the role of IT leadership as a strategic partner with institutional leadership.

5. Sustainable funding: Developing IT funding models that sustain core services, support innovation, and facilitate growth.

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