5 college online admission forms offices should provide

With college application season well on its way, admissions offices need all the help they can get; and online admission forms can help.

Online admission forms can keep an admissions team organized and efficient, as well as reduce stress when waves of applications come pouring in all at once. And what admissions offices might not realize is that anyone can create them with today’s drag-and-drop online form building software tools.

Below are the top five types of online forms to take advantage of this application season.

1. Scholarship Application Forms

Scholarship application forms are the tried-and-true way to find the most deserving students for your school’s illustrious scholarships. Be careful not to overwhelm students with too many form fields, but it’s a good opportunity to allow students to upload files such as resumés, essays, and more. Scholarship application forms should also include a few open-ended questions that let students tell their story and explain why they’d be a good recipient.

2. Application Admission Forms

The form of all forms for any admissions office: the college application. Every single applying student has to submit one, with every response combed over with great detail by admissions offices. Your next class of students will come about as the result of these forms, and how your department processes the information submitted. Forms are perfect not only for collecting applicant information, but should be sorted in the backend for easier review. Save time by sending your form responses to a central spreadsheet so you can quickly sort applicant information by location, GPA, or other relevant stats.

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