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5 myths to debunk about online education

Following a set of recommendations might help institutions strengthen their online education programs.

A new myth-busting report found that online education has expanded higher education access to students who previously might not have enrolled in it due to time and financial issues.

In fact, 50 percent of online college students said they “would not,” “probably would not,” or were “unsure” if they would have pursued higher education had their program not been offered online.

Online College Students 2016: Comprehensive Data on Demands and Preferences, from The Learning House, Inc. and Aslanian Market Research, debunks some of the major myths surrounding online education trends and reveals surprising facts about online students and their preferences. It also offers recommendations to help institutions break through the myths and support successful practices.

In addition to evaluating the demographics of the students pursuing online college degrees, the report explores what students are looking for in their online education programs and why they choose to enroll in the programs they do.

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Laura Ascione