Computer science profs say coding  a must for all students, just like reading and writing; help design new classroom platform.

codecon-coding-educationA new coding platform has a mission to elevate the state of coding education in higher-ed classrooms around the world; and one way it’s doing this is through professor buy-in.

Bloomberg’s CodeCon platform, which features new weekly challenges this summer, is a browser-based, e-learning platform that enables cloud-hosted programming contests and seeks to reshape the way people improve their coding skills. Contests are based largely on efficiency and problem solving. Participants are asked to write optimized code that solves problems with real-world applications within a specified amount of time and memory constraints while accounting for all possible test cases.

In partnership with the Standard C++ Foundation, students who rise to the top of the CodeCon’s competitions will have a chance to win an all expense paid trip to CppCon, the flagship C++ (a popular programming language) conference, in September.

But beyond competitions, CodeCon is proving to be a valuable asset in the higher-ed classroom as well, thanks to buy-in, and advice on design, from computer science professors.

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