3 ways tech can reduce growing costs for student services

Three critical services can help attract and retain today’s students—and raise efficiency and lower costs.

student-services-costAs campus IT departments move to on-demand models—ecosystems that support fully-customized and personalized options—for student services and campus functions, it’s also critical to provide these services at a lower over-time cost.

While a full-blown on-demand model may not be feasible for all institutions at the moment, there are technologies available today that can be part of an on-demand approach to students services. Below we describe a few.

Textbook services

With the spiraling cost of course materials burdening students and institutions, Rafter, a course materials management company [previously known as BookRenter], offers Rafter360™ –a tech-based solution that enables a textbooks-in-tuition model for any campus.

After students register for their courses, they are automatically provided 100 percent of their required materials for class,. Two colleges currently using Rafter360, Thomas More College in Kentucky and Schreiner University of Texas, have already reported students saving 55 percent and 54 percent respectively on the costs of textbooks.

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