9 key findings about the humanities in higher education

Research aims to provide a “balanced look” at the state of humanities.

humanities-reportAccording to a new report, there is no evidence of a net decline in the number of degree-granting departments in the humanities. But that doesn’t mean humanities studies are where they once were.

The report aims to offer a look at the state of humanities in higher education to provide a balanced look at the field in the wake of portrayals that characterize it as beleaguered and declining.

The State of the Humanities: Higher Education 2015, from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, is intended to provide a more evidenced-based depiction of the health of the humanities on college and university campuses.

The new report draws on the latest research and analysis from the Humanities Indicators, an ongoing research initiative of the Academy that incorporates federal and high-quality private data sets as well as original survey information.

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Laura Ascione

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