This instructional approach is closing student achievement gaps

Mastery-based, self-paced system helps students reach benchmarks and achieve academic success

student-achievementResearchers at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) report that a technology-enabled, self-paced learning approach developed at the university reduces the achievement gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged students.

The U-Pace instructional approach at UWM, enabled by D2L’s Brightspace platform, combines self-based and mastery-based learning to support student success as they reach benchmarks with tailored feedback.

U-Pace incorporates concept mastery in an online learning environment with instructor-initiated, proactive support, which has shown to produce positive student outcomes at UWM. It is course-agnostic and doesn’t require anything beyond a learning management system, said Diane Reddy, director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and a psychology professor at UWM. Reddy spearheaded the UWM U-Pace initiative.

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Laura Ascione