How administrators can enhance online learning programs

10 ways private colleges can catch up in the online learning race with admin structure

admin-administrative-onlineAdministrators and administrative structure can not only vastly improve online program efficiency, but boost enrollment by thousands of students.

At least, that’s what a new study of private, nonprofit colleges revealed, providing what researchers say is much-needed empirical research on what works for administrative structure for online programs.

“Nonprofit private colleges lag behind their public and for-profit counterparts in offering online programs,” explains Rebecca Hoey, director of online learning for Northwestern College. “As a result, administrative structures to manage online programs at those institutions may be underdeveloped.”

Studying the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU), Hoey and other researchers from Crown College, Fresno Pacific University, and Trinity Christian College examined the impact of administrative structure and admins on the outcomes of online student enrollment, number of online programs, and efficiency of online operations.

What the study overwhelmingly found was that both admins and admin structure have significant influence, which could help “private colleges gain a foothold in the competitive online market.”

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